Hi there! I’m Eiko, an IT freelancer and software developer based in Hanover, Germany. My professional life is a mix of consulting for companies, contributing to open source projects, and slowly building up my own startup.

In recent years, I’ve mainly written code in Python, C# and M10 (yes, that’s a programming language), but I’m constantly learning new languages and technologies. These days, I’m diving into the world of web technology.

Beyond coding, I’m passionate about rational thinking, effective altruism, and a bit of gaming.

This site is a central hub that links to some of my public projects, articles and online profiles.



My Blog
(German, mainly about home automation)

(Professional website)

Travelling Reports
(with Benjamin Gebauer)

Code and Applications

(Telegram bot and RSS feeds for free game offers)

Webhost Backup
(PHP script for automatic backups of all-inkl.com hosted sites)

Simple Game Clock
(Android App, a simple timer for local multiplayer games)

More Resources

Dominion Card Dividers
(Card dividers for the card game Dominion)

Keyboard Layout
(Description of my keyboard layout for the Dygma Defy)

Miele XKM3100W
(Reverse engineering of the wifi protocol)

(Android App, prototype, control your Webasto car heater via SMS)

Minima Rockbox Theme
(A minimalist theme for the iRiver H120 MP3 player)