Eiko Wagenknecht
Software Developer, Freelancer & Founder

Hey there!

I'm Eiko Wagenknecht, a freelance software developer based in Hanover, Germany. I specialize in building custom software solutions that actually work well and feel good to use.

I've been freelancing since 2016 and love what I do. These days, I mainly work with C# / .NET and Python, as well as msg.PM. I'm comfortable across the full stack, but I really enjoy building user-facing applications.

When I'm not coding for clients, you might find me working on open-source projects or writing about technology and home automation on my blog. For more details about my personal projects, feel free to switch over to the main page.

Eiko Wagenknecht

For more information about my professional background, please see my CV. Want to chat about a project or get in touch? Drop me a line at [email protected]. Although I'm based in Germany, I work remotely with clients from all over the world. Looking forward to learning more about how we can build great things together!